Kerigans Girl

Kerigan’s Girl is an Elven Trimaran Sloop. It was commissioned and built for the Lasarad Trade House. The Lasarad used the ship as a high-speed specialty carrier. Her snow-white hull easily identifies her. She has a single center mast and extensive decorative woodwork and precious metal fittings.

She was Captained by Da’veona Al’ Lasarad, daughter of Kerigan Vosreaal Al’Lasarad. He named the ship for her. She has naught been seen or heard from since the ship has gone missing.

Almost everything about the ship is experimental or new. Finding an apt mechanic to work on her would be a daunting task in and of itself. The ship is driven by an new type of helm known as a Storage Helm. Once a day a mage, psionocist, or cleric must imbue it with their power. After being imbued, anyone with the proper willpower and training may pilot the ship. Another secret is the concealed internal mass accelerator. It runs along the length of the Keel and is known only to a few.

The ship was last sent to deliver a small dark metal chest to a drop point in the Lamerchand shell.

Size: Medium-Size Form: Terrestrial Cost: 84,745 gp Tonnage: 12 tons Hull: Braced Iron Wood Frame: Standard Flowsteel Hit Points: 570 Plating: Ceramic Armour Class 20 Enclosure/Deck: Standard decks Rigging: Terrestrial rigging (84 hit points) Maneuverability: B Landing Capabilities: Water (Yes), Ground (None) Minimum Rigging Crew: 4 men Air Capacity: 720 days Basic Repair Cost: 73 gp Deck Weapon Capacity: 6 tons

Internal Facilities: Standard Flowsteel frame (1.2 tons) Standard Crew Quarters (2 men, 0.5 tons) Standard Room (3 men, 1.5 tons) Cargo (6.3 tons) Helm Room (1 tons) Chart Room (1 tons) Internal Weapon Bays: Accelerator, Light (1 bays, 0.5 tons) Weapons: Accelerator, Light (x1, 1 men)

Kerigans Girl

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