Tower at the Edge of Forever

A Shadow on the Face of Forever, pt.1
A look at the larger forces driving fate

1st Omet, 1000

“Announcing the arrival of Caltaus De’uvalde.” The doorman said as the dark skinned elf strode in. The room was filled with an informal gathering of almost all of the Trade Houses heads. The only one missing was the head of House Cayther, but then he was busy sitting in the Imperial throne.

“Gentlemen and ladies”, he began, “ In this room sits the true power of Dyst. Here lie the people that ensure this world functions properly. A true Council of Trade Houses would better serve this world, than the imperial façade that does so now.”

A chorus of gasps filled the rooms as he began his treasonous speech.
“Hawk, Timond both of you enter and flank me!”

Into the parlor marched two creatures that superficially resembled the silver servants that pervaded the culture with the exception of the green gems set into their chest and the deep purplish blue of their casings.

They entered and flanked Caltaus.

“The power is held by the House Cayther because they and they alone know how to craft the silver servants. That is now changed, House Taizen, now has access to my Warforged.”

“Now see here”, a man rose and began to speak.

“Hawk, kill him.” Caltaus commanded with the polite tone he had used when first beginning to speak to the assembled group. Hawk raised a wrist, to it was attached a small crossbow. The bolt leapt the distance and buried itself in the man’s right eye.

“As you can see”, Caltaus raised his voice to be heard over the sudden noise those present made in response to the killing, “House Taizen is now headed by the honorable Lord Saemus Taizen, and not the late Kilmar.”

“This is an outrage, no servant may kill that is not a member of the watch or emperor’s army!” this was Tavish Do’sarill, head of the Trade House in charge of metal work. He was a power hungry but suspicious man. All of them were to one extent or the other, else they would not be the heads of their houses.

“Forgive me, being from elsewhere, I was unaware of this law. Timond, destroy Hawk.”

Timond stepped forward and Hawk kneeled. Timond ripped Hawk’s head from his shoulders then raised the body and smashed the jewel. A thick viscous liquid seeped out of the hole and began to eat into the floor.

“That is a display of the power I offer you. All in the name of my lord, Markell.”

The assembled glanced from one to another, then slowly unsteadily, Tavish found his voice,” If you’ll please have Timond see to that mess, and have a seat Mr. De’uvalde.”

A Simple Meeting

Katara, a young shifter ranger, has answered the call of duty when her country, Goshin, is invaded by an army of unknown metal men. She had become restless after the appearance of the mark on her left shoulder. This decision has created a rift between her and her tribal group.

In the two months she has served, she has made one real friend, the eccentric mercenary, Trajen Blue. Trajen’s stories of far off battlefields and strange places delight the girl. The fact that he bears a similar mark makes her feel comforted and less like an outsider. Using a break in the camp duties, Trajen has Katara guide him to a meeting with a contact.

Upon arriving they see the contact dead, lying in the dirt of the road, still clutching her messenger bag. As they approach, five of the metal invaders reveal themselves. The battle is complicated by the appearance of two purple skinned elves.

The battle goes in our heroes favor and Katara grabs the bag. She makes it back to Trajen, with a flash they are now standing together in a grass plain. In the distance a great metal beast runs between great floating stones that lightning dances between.

“Where are we?” Katara asks numbly.

“Dyst, a back woods world. Things are bad if this is where the White Crow wanted me.” The White Crow featured prominently in many of his stories. Katara opens the bag to find only blank paper. She hands it to Trajen and writing appears. This leads directs them to head for the city of Talisar.


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